What if I told you in four months’ time your business idea will be a full-fledged business where you have clients lining up to work with YOU?!  


Imagine taking action in your business that will get you to where you want to be (traveling, not worrying about money) versus only dreaming of it? 

Are you FINALLY done building this business all by yourself? All you hear is crickets with your engagement, your calls, your clients…  

Are you DONE flooding your inbox with freebies, workshops, and never implementing anything because you are unsure what your business truly needs?  

Are you finally wanting to get 1:1 help tailored to your business specifically?  

ARE YOU READY to go all in and build a successful business where you are no longer savings MONTHS for vacations, you have debt paid off and you live financially free?


You are the perfect fit for this program if...

  •  You are unclear on your business idea, your ideal client, and what type of offer you want to have in your business.  
  •  You have yet to see those consistent four figure months. 
  •  You have started your business or want to start your business and have yet to sign your first few clients.  
  •  You know that you want customized, 1on1 support but so far always felt that you can only hire a coach if you have something established.  
  •  You want to do ALL OF THE THINGS and can’t seem to grasp where to even get started with lead generation, email lists, marketing, branding, content, website etc…  
  •  You are READY to put your time to good use to finally meet your goals of gaining financial freedom!  

If this is you, welcome to Slaying With Success! I would love to work with you because you just proved yourself to be the ideal fit!  

Results to expect from the Slaying With Success 1:1 Program:  

  • Clarity and confidence on your ideal client, your business idea/model and your perfect offer 
  • Growing your audience/following  
  • Developing your signature offer/program/product  
  • Setting up solid business foundations so that you can keep growing consistently
  • Creating your first sales pages, email lists and funnel - automation for your business
  • Feeling confident to taking over the world and knowing you can transform your clients' lives for the better
  • Your future outlook will be exciting where you are conquering your travel goals and financial goals
  • You will build a BADASS business that you are in love with!

Being a cancer survivor, Lo has overcome many different obstacles in her life to find her true calling. Having ten years experience in finance and sales, Lo is equipped in developing small businesses and help women refine sales conversations in a way that is authentic and easy to sign dream clients. Finding her passion in helping others build a business that creates the life of financial freedom that people have been longing for is a dream come true. One of the best things about her business is getting to serve new women entrepreneurs each and every day and waking up to messages to see what successes her clients are making every single day!

About Lo Najar  

A business coach and strategist, helping new women entrepreneurs finally take real steps to develop confidence in their business model and create simple strategies to help your business grow systematically.  

Lo is very active, loves yoga and checking out new restaurants and bars. She believes in celebrating with a glass of champagne (or TWO). Lo is a future marathoner and obsessed with chicken wings.  

Here's what my clients have to say:

I am forever grateful to Lauren!!! Without her help I would have never started my business. I would still be trying to guess who my ideal client is and what kind of coach I wanted to be to base my business around. With her help I was able to identify who my soulmate client was! Create content that spoke to her and flush out my very first program!!! Honestly I have no idea where I’m the world I would be without her amazing help! Thank You Thank You Thank You Lauren for your help!! If you’re brand new at being an entrepreneur and you have no clue how to start your business work with Lauren you won’t regret it!!! -Raylene Pete, Life & Relationship Coach 

Lo is amazing at what she does! When I first started working with her, I wasn’t very clear on my ideal clients or what I wanted to do. She helped me clarify exactly who I serve and how I help them. And she also helped me create and launch two offers during our time together! My business is moving forward so much faster than I could have done without her support! -Rebecca Richards, Spiritual Mindset & Biz Coach 

"Hi, I met Lo via Facebook and the help and support she gave me was excellent. Lo took the time to talk me through potential issues and where we could go. Unfortunately I was looking for something else, so did not join her course but if Lo could help me as much as she did with no return, she must be wonder woman to anybody joining her course! I really could not recommend her enough, and wish Lo much success as she proved she deserves it!" - Jenny Lovett

"In just a few email exchanges, Lauren was able to help me understand where I should be pouring my energy based on the things I told her I want to achieve. Yes folks, email exchange! It wasn't even a clarity call. She's a gem like that and if you can hire her, if you need to get clear with your goals and how to achieve those goals, definitely get in touch with her! :) " - Tammy Danan

Here's more love from my clients:

Our four months together look like this:


  • We will start off with a two hour kick off talking all things, goals, dreams, wants, needs, and fears!  
  • We will talk about what your top goals are for our time together – what you want to accomplish, how much money you want to be making, what kind of business you want to run and visioning what life will be like once your business takes off!  
  • Create the vision of your business – what do you want it to look like, what is the dream for your business?  
  • Solidify your ideal client – who is your ideal client? We will do market research and create surveys to align yourself with not only your ideal client, but what they want/need from you!  
  • Create your very first program for your business!  

Sales and Marketing:

  • We will be having you getting on client calls – speaking to your ideal clients to sign them to your program. 
  • Developing a content strategy promoting/engaging/reaching out to your potential clients via your social media platforms that we also create if needed.  
  • Developing your first freebie and build your email list – researching before we create and to see what is truly wanted by your ideal client.  
  • Create your schedule/boundaries for your business – to ensure you are not going to burn out! 
  • Start outlining a 2 nd program/service in your toolbox to offer clients!  


  • Maximizing your email list and funnel – making sure that our tools are working and scaling to build more tools for your business  
  • Optimizing the systems we have in place to make your business more efficient
  • Creating live training videos and workshops  

Future Outlook:  

  • Mapping out the next six months of your business  
  • Creating multiple funnels  
  • Developing more automation processes
  • Start to set up a game plan to grow your business from 6 months on – outline/discuss what you want to accomplish